Thursday, 19 November 2015

Salamanders living in the state (North Carolina) need better protection – via Herp Digest

The Daily Tar Heel - Op-Ed 11/2/15

North Carolina is home to over 56 different types of salamanders, giving the state one of the most diverse salamander populations in the world. Some of these species live in incredibly small habitats in remote parts of the western part of the state. Sadly, due to deforestation and other anthropogenic causes, populations are on the decline. Some of these species uniquely exist within this state and it is the job of all living within its borders, especially policymakers, to protect these super cool creatures. One such species is the green salamander, which lives in very small pockets in the western part of the state. This species is highly reclusive. The green salamander is about five inches long and can live up to 10 years. It also uses camouflage to blend into its surroundings. It is typically nocturnal, preferring to venture out during the cooler parts of each day to look for food.

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