Friday, 20 November 2015

Huge white pointer shark circles a dead whale off Australian shore

Parks Victoria worker Mike Irvine was shocked to see a large shark stalking a whale carcass while taking his daughter for a walk along Salmon Rocks

By Sally Biddall

11:07AM GMT 17 Nov 2015

A large shark was spotted on the Australian coast, causing the state parks authority to warn swimmers to stay out of the water.

The shark was circling an 11-metre dead sperm whale which was washed up on the shore on far east Gippsland in Victoria, Australia.

According to the Parks Victoria worker Mike Irvine, he was shocked to make the discovery whilst walking along the beach with his daughter.

“We were the only ones down there and we had a pretty good look at it,” he told ABC Gippsland.

“We started walking back along the beach towards the carpark and I noticed a big shark in the shore break heading towards the whale.”

"It was in knee deep, waist deep water...(it was) a decent sized shark splashing around every time it got in the shallows. It was pretty spectacular to watch, but it sent a few shivers up my spine seeing a large shark that close," he added.

Realising that his daughter could be in danger, he made sure to keep her at a safe distance.

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