Monday, 23 November 2015

Violent 'monster goldfish' has outgrown tanks four times and splashes water out if he doesn't get fed

13:03, 17 NOV 2015
UPDATED 14:09, 17 NOV 2015

Bob was just an inch-long when he was bought three years ago but a diet of Sunday lunches has seen him grow into a foot-long beast

A goldfish has become a FOOT-LONG monster who angrily splashes water out of his tanks if he spots a cat or does not get fed.

Bob the goldfish left his owner stunned with his refusal to stop growing which forced her to splash out on buying the brute FOUR new tanks.

Anne Cooper bought two inch-long goldfish from her local pet store three years ago but while one of them stayed small, the other continued to grow.

Big, bad Bob now even joins in on Sunday lunch and terrorises the family's two cats while also charges at anything he spots which is the colour red.

The three-year-old monster goldfish demands feeding twice a day and takes part in Sunday lunch by swimming to the surface to be fed garden peas BY HAND.

Anne, 56, who lives in Scarborough, Yorkshire, said: "Bob seems to be still growing and I have no idea when he will stop. How big can a goldfish grow? I am going to have to get another new tank now as he is now too big for this one - despite it being about five feet long.

"He is more than a foot in length and shows no signs of stopping. His size is quite intimidating to the cats who often approach him but if he moves suddenly then they run away in fright.

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