Monday, 7 December 2015

Is the super rat on the rise?

They are immune to the strongest poison, they can nibble through your car's brake lines, and are reported to be 2 foot long - are we going to be invaded by super rats?

By Nick Harding

7:00AM GMT 05 Dec 2015

Batten down the hatches, lock your doors, block your pipes and buy a cat - because they are upon us.

A plague of super rats smart enough to outwit pest controllers and immune to the strongest poison could be scratching at your back door right now, keen to get inside your nice cosy house.

They may be gnawing at the brake lines under the bonnet of your car, climbing up the ivy on your walls and propagating in the garden shed - primed to cause millions of pounds of damage as they gnaw through doors, floors and walls with tooth enamel so strong it can power through concrete, bringing with them the gift of disease.

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