Wednesday, 2 November 2016

First-ever fossilized dinosaur brain tissue discovered

October 28, 2016

by Chuck Bednar

Paleontologists have confirmed the discovery of the first ever fossilized dinosaur brain tissue, a 130-million-year-old specimen that was discovered in the UK and which resembled a tiny brown pebble, according to new research reported Thursday by the Geological Society of London.

According to the Guardian and the New York Times, the brain tissue was originally discovered in East Sussex, England by an amateur fossil hunter named Jamie Hiscocks in 2004. The fossil was a cast of the dinosaur’s brain cavity which appeared to contain mineral tissues, the reports said. Forensic analysis of the specimen confirmed the presence of blood vessels and capillaries, tissues from the outer cortex, and the tough tissues that surround the brain itself and help keep it in place (meninges). The tissues were said to be similar to those found in modern birds and crocodiles.


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