Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Nefarious porpoise: frisky dolphin prompts Brittany bathing ban

Local mayor forbids people to go in the sea after creature tried to rub against swimmers

Mon 27 Aug 2018 17.27 BSTLast modified on Mon 27 Aug 2018 18.46 BST

A mayor on France’s Brittany coast took the rare step of banning swimming for several days after a solitary frisky dolphin tried to get too close to bathers.

Roger Lars decided last week that it was safest to ban swimming and diving on the coast near Landévennec, where the over-friendly dolphin had been spotted.

He banned anyone getting closer than 50 metres to the rutting three-metre dolphin, whom locals nicknamed Zafar.

The dolphin was not aggressive, but he had taken to trying to rub up against swimmers and boats, the local paper Le Télégramme reported.

Zafar had enthusiastically sidled up to several swimmers who he had then prevented from reaching the shore. One had to be rescued by boat.

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