Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Warmer seas will not lure great white sharks to UK, experts say

Scientists dismiss likelihood of species arriving in Britain but bluefin tuna are on the rise

Sun 12 Aug 2018 12.36 BSTLast modified on Sun 12 Aug 2018 19.30 BST

Britain’s westerly waters are experiencing a bumper season for sightings of bluefin tuna, while visitors to Cornwall have been thrilled by the unusual sighting of a blue shark swimming in St Ives harbour.

But anyone hoping for sightings of great white sharks in British waters are likely to be disappointed, despite a spate of scare stories that began after a researcher at the University of Southampton predicted that 10 shark species new to the UK could reach British waters by 2050. Dr Ken Collins made the prediction as part of a report to promote a TV channel’s shark series.

Earlier this year, scientists published evidence that tiger sharks off the coast of eastern Australia were most abundant in sea temperatures of 22C (72F), with less activity at higher and lower temperatures. Collins looked at other recent studies to compile a list of 10 possible new arrivals, including the great hammerhead, blacktip and bigeye thresher – but not the great white.

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