Friday, 10 August 2018

Sharks Get Bigger Home Protected by Mexican Navy

By Laura Geggel, Senior Writer | July 22, 2018 08:03am ET

Sharks can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Their home in Mexico's Revillagigedo National Park — North America's largest marine protected area — is now protected by none other than the Mexican navy, thanks in large part to a team of dedicated researchers.

This expansive upgrade didn't happen overnight. Rather, the hard work of researchers, who spent years tagging and tracking sharks, has finally translated into political policy, making the park's extension a reality.

"I'm very excited," James Ketchum, who helped tag the sharks while a graduate student at the University of California, Davis, and is now the conservation director of Palagíos Kakunjá, a nongovernmental organization for marine conservation, said in a statement published by UC Davis. "It shows all these years of work have been useful for something." [In Photos: Mexico's New Ocean Reserve Protects Stunning Biodiversity]

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