Wednesday 1 May 2019

How your mouldy bananas can bring life to your garden

This little trick can bring colour to your garden and help the environment
05:00, 7 APR 2019
We all like to try and reduce waste, make the most from our money and bring a bit of life to our garden.
Also, according to some reports, more than 1.4 million edible bananas get thrown out each day in Britain.
This little trick can ensure you get the most out of your bananas.
Butterflies go bananas for bananas
Butterflies love bananas, and ones past their sell-by date in particular.
By hanging them up in your garden you can expect plenty of them to flock for a sugary treat and they will 'stay for hours'.
Robin Chausse let people know of her discovery on Facebook and her advice got more than 185,000 shares - people can't get enough of her banana milkshake bringing all the butterflies to her yard.

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