Thursday, 13 December 2012

Vietnam's alleged last Siamese crocodile killed

A 1m iron stake which was believed to be used by hunters was also found near the deceased reptile.

“The animal’s meat has changed color and no blood was found inside. Its skin has peeled off into separate pieces. This proves that the crocodile died three days ago,” Tran Van Bang, a biological specialist, explained.

The reptile is classified as a critically-endangered Siamese crocodile (crocodylus siamensis) on the Red List of IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature).

According to experts, the crocodile is a female that was nearly 100 years old.

After the animal was disemboweled, Bang put his hands deep into its abdomen to search for something.

A moment later, he disappointedly announced: “No eggs were found.”

“If eggs were found inside its abdomen, this would mean that she had been inseminated and that at least one male Siamese crocodile individual is still living in the lake,” Bang explained.
“It is likely that this is the last Siamese crocodile of its kind in the wild in Vietnam,” Dr. Vu Ngoc Long, an ecological expert, told Tuoi Tre.

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