Thursday, 9 May 2013

8-foot gator caught on front lawn of home


An 8-foot alligator caused quite a scare for residents in a Port St. Lucie neighborhood. 

The gator's capture was recorded on camera. 

A driver, Corina Page, said she saw the gator and thought it was a statue, but once Page saw it move, she called 911. 

"I went down like this to take the picture and I heard it hiss," she said. 

An officer wrangled the gator, which neighbors said they believed came from a nearby canal. 

Officer Richard Schictel said it's just something he's learned on the job.

"I made a lasso and got it around his top jaw and was hoping that he would go into a death roll and tie himself up, but he didn't want to cooperate, so we just kind of held tension on him until the trapper got there," said Schictel. 

The gator was relocated to an alligator farm. 

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