Thursday, 9 May 2013

Battenberg the black and white sheep shocks farmers with two-tone face

A black and white sheep named after a Battenberg cake because of his two-toned face has shocked a family of farmers. 

The lamb has a unique face, with one half light and the other dark, which may have saved it from freezing to death in the Welsh hills because it was easier to spot. 

‘We haven’t seen a lamb like it before,’ said farmer’s wife Marianne Griffiths. 

‘You either get a white lamb or a black one – but not a half-and-half one.’

Battenberg’s strange tone, similar to the two colours present in the cake of the same name, may again prevent it from an early grave. 

The sheep could now be kept on as a pet instead of being turned into a lamb dish. 

Mum-of-three Marianne, 44, added: ‘Battenberg is a real mixture which is a surprise because both his mother and father are white. 

‘He was born while we were having a tough time of it during the terrible snow that fell in March. 

‘We were going out into the fields and seeing dead sheep and new-born lambs.’ 

The four-week-old sheep has legs that are also a mixture of black and white, with its wool a greyish colour. 

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  1. Looks chimeric. Wonder if they ever had him tested?


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