Friday, 10 May 2013

Exotic Snakes Dumped At Little League Field - via Herp Digest

By: James Koh, Sports Reporter - , West Torrance - CA, 4/19/13 ( A batch of large, exotic snakes were abandoned at the West Torrance Little League playing fields.

Based off of the number of empty containers authorities found, police officials said they believe eight snakes were dumped at Entradero Park in Torrance with six having been recovered.

"We got 200 kids here on the weekend and it's a little scary for the kids and parents," said Tony Marks, president of the West Torrance Little League. 

According to Marks, the snakes were first discovered Sunday morning by one of the park's groundskeepers. 

"He saw snakes slithering right across the driveway, he picks one up, turns out it's a python, white in color with some black stripes on it," Marks said.

All of the recovered serpents were identified as non-poisonous, constrictor-type snakes, like pythons. 

The collection of recovered snakes led officials to believe that the two un-recovered snakes are not poisonous.

While there's not great concern from parents we spoke with, there remains some uneasiness.

"The only concern is for our younger children going up in the hills," said Frank Pastrana a parent whose son plays in the league. "We want to make sure they don't encounter the snakes."

"My mother in law is very afraid of snakes and said, 'I won't come watch my grandson play until I know those two snakes are caught and gone!'" Marks said.

If you see the large python-type snakes, you're asked to call Torrance Animal Control at (310) 618-3850.

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