Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mystery cat travels 1,800 miles from Arizona to Michigan, but how?!

Being lost 1,800 miles from home would be pretty scary. 

Luckily for Ace the cat, there was a way to track his owners — even after he was missing for almost a year. 

Ace, a cat from Tucson, Ariz., arrived on the doorstep of the South Wood County Humane Society in Grand Rapids just outside of Wisconsin Rapids on Monday. In a new carrier crate, Ace looked well-taken care of but had no tags and no notes or other identification. 

Except for one thing: The 10-year-old Siamese cat had been microchipped. 

“We brought him in and, like we do with all animals, get him set up, get him comfortable and check him for a microchip,” said Bridget Chariton, the executive director at the Wood County shelter. 

The shelter’s pet care coordinator, Beth Peabody, contacted the microchip company, Chariton said. 

“(The company) provided us with the contact information of the vet’s clinic,” Chariton said. 

The clinic was in Arizona. 

“Who would have thought? This is pretty rare; we find animals that sometimes have microchips, but it’s usually in our area, in our community,” Chariton said. 

Staff members reasoned that the owner must have moved to the area and just forgot to update the chip information. 

Nope. The owner still lives in Tucson. 

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