Thursday, 22 May 2014

Howls in the Night: One Man’s Quest for the Japanese Wolf

It is hard to overestimate mankind’s innate capacity for curiosity. We are born into this world with a desire to comprehend what we can’t yet grasp, to push at the boundaries of our understanding and further our knowledge of the universe. This is what has driven our kind throughout the ages and has brought us ever closer to approaching the answers we seek about how the universe works, where we come from, and where we are going. This is why we love mysteries, because of our insatiable need to poke at the dark corners of our current paradigms and find the truth.

For many, there comes a moment when a curiosity about the world transforms into something more; when it evolves from an interest into an all consuming passion. It is not always easy to ascertain just when this moment occurs. Perhaps you see something that challenges your world views and everything you thought you knew, or maybe you find evidence you didn’t think was possible that absolutely must be pursued. Whatever the case, these moments ignite something within us. They can possess us and turn what was once a nurtured curiosity into a lifetime quest to claw at the at the obscure edges of understanding and uncover the truth.

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