Wednesday, 21 May 2014

PICTURES: Huge shark caught near popular North Devon beach

This is the jaw-dropping moment an angler fishing for pollock hooked a whopping 450lbs shark less than a mile from a popular North Devon beach.

Graeme Pullen, 62, was making the most of a large shoal of the small white fish when the 8ft long porbeagle shark took his bait. 

Graeme shouted to friend Wayne Comben 'never mind the pollocks' as his rod bent over double and he began an almighty 30 minute fight to reel in the monster catch.

The shark was so big it sent Graeme's 17ft fibre-glass boat spinning in circles.

The huge fish opened its huge jaws right in front of Graeme, exposing its razor-sharp teeth and even left a bite mark on the side of the vessel.

Greame, who caught the epic encounter on his onboard camera, was able to legally tag the shark's dorsal fin before releasing it safe and well.

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