Saturday, 14 June 2014

Modern military-style attacks in DRC result in 68 elephant deaths

African Parks has intensified its anti-poaching efforts in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to counter the poaching onslaught that has beset Garamba National Park in the past two months.

A total of 68 elephants have been poached since mid-April, representing about 4 per cent of the total population.

In mid-May, African Parks reported that 33 elephants had been killed in the five weeks prior, indicating a concerted attack on the park’s elephant population.

Despite intensified anti-poaching efforts since then, the total has risen to 68 elephants in the past two months, at least nine of which were shot from a helicopter.

On one occasion hand grenades were used against the Park’s rangers by Sudanese poachers. For the first time the brains of elephants have also been removed, together with tusks and genitals.

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