Sunday, 15 June 2014

World’s biggest super-jumbo confirmed dead – killed by poachers

Posted by: Kevin Heath / 1 day ago

The world’s biggest elephant, Satao of Kenya, has been killed by a poachers poisoned arrow. It was confirmed today by a statement on the Tsavo Trust facebook page. Satao’s body was discovered in a swamp on 2nd June but reports had to be held back while confirmation was made and the report cleared for publication by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

Satao was an iconic elephant in the Tsavo East National Park and was well-known and loved across all of Kenya. His confirmed shock has reportedly sent a shockwave across the country.

It is reported that the elephant was shot on 30th May with a poisoned arrow and it was not until the 2nd June that a body of a large elephant was found in the swamp. It was immediately suspected to be Satao but tests had to be carried out to confirm the identity of the elephants because of his iconic status.

Attempts to protect Satao from the poachers included aerial surveillance and ground forces watching over the vast animal. The scale of the poaching epidemic spreading across Africa though meant that eventually the poachers got through the protection and managed to kill him.

The killers hacked off the face of the mighty beast in order to take the tusks which were so large that they reached the ground.

External sites:

Facebook: TsavoTrust statement on death of Satao.

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