Sunday, 7 September 2014

Kangaroos abound but fears abound for smaller cousins, warns WWF

Sydney (AFP) - Australia's big kangaroos are thriving, but wildlife campaigners hold fears for their smaller cousins, including the little-known bettong and the rock wallaby, WWF Australia has warned.

"The kangaroo is probably the most recognisable Australian animal of all," WWF-Australia spokesperson Darren Grover told AFP ahead of national threatened species day on Sunday.

"But part of that larger kangaroo and wallaby family are all these almost unknown little animals; the bettongs and potoroos and rock wallabies that people haven't necessarily heard of.

"Many of them are really struggling."

Grover said the overwhelming risk to these smaller marsupials were feral cats and introduced foxes, along with a loss of shelter due to habitat loss and changed fire practices.

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