Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Baby seal becomes stranded in field of cows

Bemused cows gathered round to inspect their unusual visitor

By Agency

9:53PM BST 20 Jul 2015

A five-day-old seal became separated from its mother and stranded in a field of cows.

Photo: SWNS Group
It waddled out of the water and landed in a muddy puddle where it became the centre of attention for the 30-strong herd of cows, which gathered around and started gently nudging their unusual visitor.

The cows did not harm the pup which was suffering from hunger and dehydration.

The pup was spotted by a walker who noticed the herd behaving strangely and one look through his telescope revealed they had surrounded the youngster

She was saved by a birdwatcher who spotted her plight at an RSPB sanctuary on the banks of The Wash in Lincolnshire.

Ian Ellis noticed the herd behaving strangely and through his telescope saw they were surrounding the baby seal.

He went closer and realised the mother was nowhere to be seen and contacted the reserve wardens and the Natureland seal sanctuary in nearby Skegness.

Natureland experts told him how to move the pup safely as they sent staff to collect her.

Mr Ellis, from nearby Boston, picked up the seal with RSPB staff warden Toby Collett and took her to safety away from the cows.

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