Monday, 20 July 2015

New invention hailed as a real winner in the battle against poaching

A new anti-poaching devise could provide real hope in the battle against poachers in the decades to come.

Called The Protect RAPID (Real-time Anti Poaching Intelligence Device) it aims to solve the problem by combining a GPS satellite collar with a heart rate monitor and video camera. Broadcasting 24/7 real time information to a control centre, anti-poaching teams can be alerted and dispatched to suspected poaching incidents within seconds of them taking place.

Rhino poaching has increased some 9,300% since 2007 in South Africa alone, where the vast landscapes mean that even highly capable anti-poaching forces are unaware of poaching events until it is far too late, meaning that arrest and conviction rates are low, and there is little deterrent to poachers.

British researcher Dr Paul O'Donoghue, who has worked with endangered black rhino populations for more than 15 years and developed the Protect RAPID said: “Currently a rhino is butchered every six hours in Africa, the issues are many, but there's far too much money at stake to believe that legislation alone can make the difference, we had to find a way to protect these animals effectively in the field; the killing has to be stopped.

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