Monday, 13 July 2015

Has the Bristol crocodile turned up in Clevedon?

By The Bristol Post | Posted: July 09, 2015

REPORTS of the Bristol crocodile gripped the nation last year, when several people spotted what they believed was a beast lurking in the River Avon.

But now, police have been alerted after a scaly reptile was apparently spotted in a stream between Clevedon and Kingston Seymour.

A Clevedon resident's morning walk along Lower Strode Road was interrupted when the walker noticed an unusual shape in the stream to the side of the road.

On closer inspection, the shape looked very much like a crocodile - and the walker snapped a pic.

The walker later emailed Avon and Somerset Police - who asked for the picture to be a sent as a matter of urgency.

They said they would analyse the picture and decide how to take action.

Writing about it on a social media site the walker said: "It blinked at me."

The spotting comes after Jolyon Rea alerted the police when he saw what he was convinced was a crocodile in the River Avon under Bedminster Bridge, in February last year.

Officers searched the river but were unable to find any sign of it.

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