Thursday, 21 June 2018

Tegu Lizards Spotted Around Florida, and They Could Go After Your Pets– via Herp Digest

6/8/18 by Staff Contributor of “Hello SWFL”,

In case cane toads, pythons, and alligators aren’t enough to worry about, you should also keep an eye out of Argentine black and white Tegu lizards.

They aren’t from here, but they do live in Florida. And while they are mostly spotted in Tampa and Miami, they’ve been seen around Southwest Florida more often.

Anything that attracts strays and raccoons may also attract these lizards.

Tegus will go after you dog’s food…but they also might go after the dog itself if it’s small enough. If you see one, try to get a picture and report it to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission by calling 1-888-483-4681.

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