Thursday 17 June 2010

Abergele dead swan mystery baffles RSPCA

Jun 17 2010
by Ian Hughes,
North Wales Weekly News

THE death of three baby swans at Abergele’s Pentre Mawr Park remains a mystery following water quality tests.

Last month three cygnets were found dead by one of the park’s ponds. Parents Ben and Lucy were later found covered in oil and had to be removed to receive veterinary care.

“Some of the water was removed from the park for testing by environmental health,” said Judith Haw of the RSPCA.

“That came back clean so we don’t know what happened. We had the three cygnets looked over at Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Nantwich but the vets there could not find any reason why the birds passed away.”

The baby birds were approximately two weeks old when they were found. They had no outward signs as to the reason for their deaths. The oil on the adult swans also remains a mystery.

Ms Haw added: “Again, the tests showed no presence of oil in the pond so the oil could have come from anywhere.

“Who knows where they fly off to, there’s no knowing if they are going to return with oil on them again.”

John Pring of Friends of Abergele Parklands noticed the swans in distress after the death of their young.

“They had started picking at their feathers and only eating small amounts of food. They looked very unkempt before they were taken away,” he said.

Mayor of Abergele Malcolm Medlicott added: “All the other ducks are okay in the park so we’re not sure why the swans had this problem.

“Some animals are just unfortunate and unable to produce healthy offspring.

“I just hope that when they return everything will be fine. It is nice to have swans in the park and I hope they’ll stay there.”

As the swans are now back to full health and the park water is not polluted, the swans are able to be released back home. It was hoped the swans were to be returned last night (Wednesday).

Unforeseen circumstances had previously prevented the birds’ return on two occasions.

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