Saturday 26 June 2010

Dog who survived Barceloneta massacre dies

Dog who survived Barceloneta massacre dies
June 25, 2010
by Peggy Ann Bliss

The last survivor of the animal massacre of Barceloneta has died and will be honored tonight. Yoli, the mixed breed dog who almost three years ago miraculously outlived almost 90 other cats and dogs ordered killed by the
town mayor, breathed her last June 19, according to her protector Maritza Rodríguez.

“She did it without my permission, but I forgive her for the intense love that I have and always will have for her,” said Rodríguez in an e-mail message to all animal lovers. The message was addressed to “all who shared and in any way carried the message and raised the cry of alert so that justice could be done.”

On October 8 and 10, 2007, police made two raids, seizing some 90 pets from their owners at three public housing projects, causing widespread anger.

Residents say many of the animals were later thrown off the 50-foot Indian Bridge in Vega Alta, just outside of town. Many of the decaying bodies were later found, but a few managed to escape.The news traveled around the world, causing outrage among animal advocates.

Mayor Sol Luis Fontanes allegedly ordered the raids after instituting a no-pet policy at the projects. Nevertheless, it was discovered later that no such rules existed. Forty five residents filed a $22.5 million federal
lawsuit on Friday against the town, the Public Housing Administration, the owner of an animal control company and several others. The suit claims the pets were beaten, drugged and thrown to their deaths.

Rodríguez said she was so overcome by emotion that she could not inform the community of the death or the dog that spent her last years with her. “I thank everyone for all the words of compassion and encouragement, for
which I am eternally grateful,” said Rodríguez, who has rescued hundreds of mistreated and abandoned cats and dogs.

As for Yoli, “I called her “My little Queen,”(Mi Reinecita) she said. Everyone who knew her personally knew that she loved life and loved to be around people. She was so sociable and affectionate. “Yoli was a symbol
of strength and she belongs to the people of Puerto Rico. I know she would like us to say good bye to her as she deserves, The service is for people who understand and who struggle daily to improve the quality of life and justice for our animals.

The service will be held tonight at 6 at Unity Church in Santurce, 1955
Victoria Street.


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