Thursday 17 June 2010

World Cup parrot turns air blue

17 June 2010, 10:16

A cheeky pub parrot has caught World Cup fever after learning to screech phrases like 'Come On England' and whistle the theme from The Great Escape.

Roxy, a 10-month-old African Grey, is now lined up for a starring role on the Radio 2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show.

But millions of listeners could be in for a shock - because the bold bird shocks hardens punters with her fruity language turning the air blue.

She also likes to sip vodka and coke and bathe in John Smith's bitter if she gets the chance.

Landlady Amanda Weston, 50, who runs the Duke of Albany pub in Weymouth, Dorset, said: "She loves watching the football and after Saturday's performance it was things like 'come on England you w*****s' and 'shoot the ref'.

"But she lives in a pub so she just earwigs and repeats what she hears being said around her by the customers and my husband.

"She loves the attention and she loves the men, she's my bird but she does prefer the men. This is a blokes' pub, it's very sport orientated, and she keeps climbing on their shoulders.

"If she can she will sip a vodka and coke and she will bath in John Smith's if she gets the chance. If you get the drip trays out on the bar she will get in them and plod around. But we do discourage that."

Roxy's repertoire also includes 'wacky baccy', 'okey dokey', 'shoot the cat' and pistol noises.

Landlord Malcolm Weston, 52, said: "Roxy is a saucy bird. She does raise an eyebrow or two. She comes out with swear words I have never even heard of. I think she's brilliant."

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