Sunday 27 June 2010

Jail Snake

A PRISON inmate was bitten by an adder after an invasion of the venomous snakes, it was revealed yesterday.

An ambulance with two paramedics raced to treat the shocked 30-year-old.
The baby adder had sank its fangs into his hand in the grounds of HMP The Verne in Dorset. He later told officers that he thought it was a slow worm - until he saw its mother coming at him. The con, serving five years for fraud and drug offences, recovered fully in the jail's medical centre. It was believed that adders, Britain's only venomous snake, have been climbing the sloped walls to bask in the sunshine.

Bosses have put up signs warning the 600 inmates: "Due to warm weather, snakes are falling from the ramparts into the prison. If you see one, do not approach but alert staff." A prison insider said: "A bite by an adder is not fatal for a normal, healthy human being. "But it is extremely painful and requires immediate medical attention."

Another source added: "There's enough snakes in here without them falling from the walls."
The Prison Service said: "A prisoner at HMP The Verne was bitten by an adder on Friday, June 18. He was treated in the healthcare centre."

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