Sunday 20 June 2010

Alligator caught with bare hands by reptile wrangler

Tom Phillips

If you were planning on capturing a live alligator that was prowling around Ohio, you might want to use some specialised equipment, or at least some gloves. But one reptile wrangler wanted none of that fancy-schmancy stuff, capturing the animal with his bare hands.

The wrangler in question, Chris Law, was called in after the four-foor-long alligator was spotted lurking in a puddle outside a business in Columbus, Ohio.

Law was brought in by the police, and managed to recapture the animal by grabbing its tail with his bare hands.

He explained that he would normally have used specialist alligator-capturing equipment, but he didn't have it with it because he was just about to go on holiday.

It's not clear exactly where the alligator, not normally a native of Ohio, came from, but Law said people often buy alligators as pets, then dump them when they get too big.

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