Monday, 19 July 2010

Chupacabra-like animals turn up in Hood County

Posted on July 11, 2010 at 12:27 AM
Updated Monday, Jul 12 at 1:45 AM

HOOD COUNTY — A small North Texas community is getting stirred up about some mysterious animals roaming around.

Two creatures have been killed in three days, near farms, only a few miles apart. Some are calling them chupacabras; even animal control officers are unsure what they are.

In his 25 years, David Hewitt has seen plenty of varmints running around, but nothing like the animal he shot on Friday.

"I had no idea what it could be," he said.

He shot it when it came too close to his cattle."From a distance, he looked like a hairless chihuahua, only much bigger," Hewitt said.

His only conclusion?"From all indications, it seemed to be a chupacabra."

Chupacabra is an exotic name for a mythical blood-sucking creature.

"The claws, toenails, nothing like I've seen on a coyote. Skinny, pointed tail; sure looks like a possum to me," Hewitt said. "Never seen any kind of animal that doesn't have hair on it."

It's actually the second supposed chupacabra spotted in Hood County over the past four days. It may look odd, but always turns out to be quite normal.

Sightings are becoming common in Texas, but often they turn out to be something else. Still, the creatures are getting plenty of attention.

Another one which recently made front-page news reportedly even puzzled animal control officers and folks like Bill James had to get a look for themselves.

He described it as an "unusual animal."

In January, another unusual creature was found in Wise County on the Runaway Bay golf course. Experts said it was a hairless raccoon that had lost its coat due to a congenital defect — not disease.
(Submitted by Mark North)

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