Thursday, 15 July 2010

Mysterious creature found in Bay St. Louis (Via Chad Arment)

Mysterious creature found in Bay St. Louis

Jul 14, 2010

BAY ST. LOUIS (WLOX) - The Bay St. Louis Police Department is investigating a mysterious and dangerous creature in the Bay's Cedar Point neighborhood. They said a resident of the area reported seeing a strange looking animal drag off their dog and kill it. The trouble is no one knows what kind of animal it is.

Police have made a mold of its paw print and will have an animal expert analyze it soon. The imprint is about three and a half inches long and has long sharp claws. They said it could possibly be a mountain lion, but won't know for sure until they get an expert opinion.

Mike DeNardo is the Deputy Chief of the Bay St. Louis Police Department.

"We had a call on Falicity Street of an animal that was dragged off by a large predator," DeNardo said. "We don't want people trying to approach it. Use caution with it. Be real cautious when they let their animals out, and most of all be real cautious when they let their children out. We have no idea what it is yet."

Police said once it is determined what the creature is, they will employ the help of a trapper. Anyone who might come in contact with the animal is asked to dial 9-1-1.

[For the record, the track is shown in a photo at the URL and clearly is too small for a cougar. And, as it has distinct claws, it's not a feline.]

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  1. About 11 years ago I saw a strange looking animal unlike anything I've ever seen crossing hwy 367. I assumed it was female because it had 3 smaller ones walking behind it.


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