Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Notorious okapi poacher killed in Congo

The notorious poacher and rebel leader known as Morgan, has been killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Congolese army soldiers. The majority of his followers, according to news agency Reuters, are under guard in a nearby village.

Morgan has been a problem for the Okapi Wildlife Reserve, its staff, and local people for years. In June 2012, an attack by Morgan and his armies on the Reserve, the headquarters of the country’s wildlife authority, and the nearby village of Epulu killed six people and fourteen okapi (also known as forest giraffes). The vicious slaughter was intended to serve as a retaliation against crackdowns on elephant poaching and illegal gold mining.

The Okapi Conservation Project hopes that this news will mean a brighter future for the okapi, as well as the people who call the Reserve home.

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