Sunday 13 June 2010

Harriet the hen lays 'world's largest egg'

11th June, 2010

An eggs-straordinary hen named Harriet has laid the 'world's largest egg', measuring an amazing 9.1 inches in diameter.

The astonishing specimen easily beats the previous record holder, which measured a paltry 8.6 inches diameter. Hen's eggs are typically 5.5 inches in diameter and 2.3 inches long.

64-year-old owner Tony Barbouti told the Daily Mail 'My hens have laid big eggs before but when I saw this one I was gobsmacked.

'Harriet is only a young hen, she's about six months old, and has only just started laying eggs.

'She was limping a bit but she was all right. I'm really proud of her. She doesn't seem to have been putting off laying as she's still producing eggs.'

Barbouti, a taxi driver from Eastwood, Essex, keeps Harriet along with 16 other hens in a coop in his garden.

He added: 'They are not special hens. I feed them ordinary hen food and they give me a good supply of fresh eggs. But I think we may need bigger egg cups if they keep this up.'hoot.

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