Tuesday 15 June 2010

Snowdonia mountain rescue crew save tired dog

June 15, 2010 12:30 PM

A four-man mountain rescue crew were called out to save the life of a dog which became tired on a Snowdonia mountain walk.

Nero, a 10-year-old black labrador had been trekking above the Ogwen Valley near Bangor, when he became tired and the stoney path caused him to suffer sore paws.

His owner, a woman in her 30s, didn't know what to do and dialled 999 for mountain rescue - asking them to help the poor pooch back down.

A team was dispatched and located the dog and owner before taking it in turns to slowly carry Nero down on their shoulder

The mountain heroes say it took three hours to get off the mountain -- and that the phrase 'rescue dog' is normally a description rather than an instruction.

A spokesperson for the rescue team said: "Initially, we placed the dog in a large bag and strapped it to a back frame / half a mini Bell stretcher.

"However with the heat of the day and the steepness of the ground, we felt that the dog might not be having the best casualty care.

"We let him out and placed him on our shoulders and top of rucsack. Three of us took it in turn to carry Nero.

"At each change of porter, the dog was given a break and was able to relax on some grass."

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue


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