Saturday, 31 August 2013

Giant tarantula the size of man’s hand ‘on the loose in Torquay’

People of Torquay, don’t be alarmed but a giant tarantula the size of a man’s hand has reportedly escaped and is on the loose in your town.

Landlady Sonia McGrath, who rents out a flat in Ellacombe, spotted the ‘brown and hairy’ spider in the garden of her property.

‘I thought it was a mouse at first but then I saw these big hairy legs,’ she told the Herald Express.

‘I dropped everything and went straight home.’

Mrs McGrath retuned with reinforcements in the shape of her husband Kevin, who was equipped with a fishing net and broom handle.

Despite their best efforts, the creepy crawly escaped through a panel in the fence and has been missing ever since.

Luckily for those living in Torquay, the tarantula is not thought to be dangerous.

‘They (Paignton Zoo) told me that it is harmless but won’t survive if it gets too cold so I desperately want to find it,’ Mrs McGrath added.

‘I can’t see myself picking it up but want to make sure it is safe.’

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