Saturday, 24 August 2013

He's all white! Extraordinary pictures capture rare albino squirrel playing in a garden in SUSSEX

These extraordinary pictures capture one of Britain's rarest animals - an albino squirrel.

The red-eyed rodent was glimpsed by wildlife enthusiast Patrick Sullivan, 66, in a park near his home almost three months ago.

But despite regularly stalking the woodland he was never able to capture the rare animal on camera.

The pensioner spent days re-stocking his bird feeder only to be greeted by half a dozen of the animals' grey cousins.

Disappointed Mr Sullivan was about to give up on ever tracking down the rare animal, but last week his luck changed.

He glanced outside to check on his bird feeder and was stunned to see the red-eyed albino squirrel staring back at him.

The former publisher said he was delighted to have finally caught the animal on film.

Mr Sullivan, from East Grinstead, Sussex, said: 'When we saw the white squirrel a few months ago darting through the trees, we couldn't believe our eyes.

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