Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Where have the butterflies gone?

With another summer fast approaching its final weeks, many bird species have already begun their southward migrations, and insect populations are now reaching their annual peak.

Crickets are again singing their nightly song, and mosquitoes have had an exceptionally good summer. But where are all the butterflies and moths?

Normally, many of these winged insects see their populations surge in August, but this month isn’t normal.

“The numbers are indeed down this year,” said Jerry Weidmann, chairman of the Ohio Lepidopterists’ Society’s monitoring committee, said. “The longer drought last summer is likely to be a major contributor.

“Last year we had many southern migrant species, which made 2012 a great year. They are absent this year, but in my opinion the local species were down below historical averages in 2012 also. Reasons are not all clear.”

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