Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Silly season Falmouth shark story makes the news

The silly season is upon us and true to form the national press are reporting that a great white shark is lurking in Cornish waters.

The Mirror is saying that fisherman Nigel Hodge, who happens to run a charter boat specialising in shark fishing, "watched in disbelief as a real-life Jaws tore apart a smaller blue shark on the end of his line".

With the "fearsome beast" leaving "devastating machete-like bite marks which an expert last night said could belong to the legendary man-eater"

The paper goes on to say that Nigel, 43, who was fishing 20 miles off the coast of Falmouth last week when the monster struck, said: “It was a terrifying sight. In over 30 years of fishing these waters I have never seen anything like it.”

The Mirror added that Nigel said: “It was almost impossible to hold, as we tugged and struggled. It was really heavy and we knew we had something massive. As we brought it in closer we could see there were actually two sharks on the line. One was twice as big as the other – about 10ft in length, dark grey on top with a white underbelly, just like a great white.

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