Saturday, 31 August 2013

World gets its first look at Australia Zoo's newborn Sumatran tiger cubs

Two Sumatran tiger cubs were born last Thursday at the Australian Zoo and now you can watch them, and their mother Kaitlyn live on a24/7 webcam.

The feed is being provided by The Pet Collective, which delayed implementing the camera immediately to ensure that the tiger cubs were healthy.

In truth, most of what you’ll be seeing on the live cam is the still-unnamed cubs sleeping. But for cat lovers, that’s part of the inherent charm.

“While we’re typically focused on pets and pet lovers, when the Australia Zoo came to us with this opportunity, we knew it was something we just had to provide to our viewers,” Tom Maynard, channel head of The Pet Collective, said in a statement provided to Yahoo! News. “This is really an extraordinary opportunity both for us and for our audience.”

And the real scoop here for tiger fans is that viewers get a glimpse at the rare tigers before they are put on display for the public to see in person. Fewer than 500 Sumatran tigers are known to exist in the world and the successful breeding of the cubs is part of a larger effort to help protect the species. The large tigers can grow up to nine feet long and weigh from between 220 and 400 pounds

“Kaitlyn will spend the next few weeks making sure her cubs are well fed with the nutrition they need, while the cubs will bond with her before they go on public display,” Australia Zoo’s tiger keeper Giles Clark said in a statement provided to Yahoo! News. “This means The Pet Collective is offering the world a very first look, well before most people have ever seen young tigers.”

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