Saturday, 31 August 2013

Monster croc captured in north Qld

A giant saltwater crocodile has been captured in north Queensland.

The 4.5 metre saltie has been terrorising fisherman on the Herbert River at Halifax, about an hour north of Townsville.

It is the biggest croc caught in Queensland this year.

More than a dozen rangers had to work together for half a day to wrangle the beast out of the water, as it weighs between 300 and 400 kilograms.

The monster crocodile has been wandering the waters of the Herbert River for months, venturing into a popular fishing sport earlier this week.

Senior ranger Mike Joyce says the animal is an awesome sight up close.

He says crocs of that size are only captured about once a year.

"He's as big as a natural four-wheel-drive," he said.

"When you sit down and look at him you'll sit there and go, 'wow - he's a metre wide, he's got this huge tail.

"He's got so much power it is unbelievable - it's hard to describe how much power he really does have."

Mr Joyce says despite his size, it only took one attempt to trap the croc.

"It normally tells us that the animal is being really aggressive and he's really hungry as well - it's not normal for us to get an animal so quickly," he said.

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