Friday, 30 August 2013

Sea Monsters Are Eating Somalian Pirates

There have been reports of missing Somali Pirates off the coast of the Horn of Africa. Many news sources over look this story but Somali pirates are disappearing, or to say when they set sail, not all of them return.

Tales of ghastly evil creatures lurking below devour their tiny boats and some use ammo too quickly which then can anger those slimy beasts whatever they are.

Perhaps its a submarine, but more likely a living breathing squid like giant sea serpent monster that lurks in the oceans below.

Even the Somali Pirates are scared of the unknown when large vein like tentacles wraps itself around the person leaning over the edge and his team mates can not kill the bizarre beast!

Underwater submarines won’t even tell the general public whats down at those or any depths of the sea. As long as the crew in the submarine keeps provoking those creature things to come up to the surface, its a perfect Somali Pirate deterrant. Its much an easier way to use the beasts of the sea to attack the enemy instead of using regular man power and search and rescue resources need not wasted.

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