Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Chinese delegate to elephant conference asks about buying trunk and penis

As we start to build up profiles of organisations and people involved in the Tanzania ivory storage project that is being funded by the UK taxpayer I came across an interesting story about a happening at the Kisane Elephant Summit in Botswana last month concerning the Chinese delegation.

One of the trustees of Stop Ivory, a UK charity behind the Elephant Protection Initiative, is Dr Ali Kaka, as well as being a trustee of the Stop Ivory charity he is also Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa at the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

Apart from his trustee status and position at the IUCN Dr Kaka is also a member of hunting organisation CIC International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation, he’s also an editor of their newsletter and an important lobbyist for hunting. The IUCN and CIC works closely together in partnerships to promote the role of hunting as part of conservation and sustainability.

In his role as a member and lobbyist for the CIC he was instrumental in reversing the hunting ban that was introduced by Zambia as an emergency measure to protect its wildlife.

There is still lots to do in forming the network of contacts and we wait for supplier and contractor details on the ivory stockpile project.

Meanwhile onto the story that grabbed my attention.

Dr Kara attended the Kinsane conference as the official representative of CIC. The CIC was the only hunting organisation invited to attend the elephant conference probably because of its close ties with the IUCN. Dr Kara wrote up an article about the meeting for the African Indaba newsletter.

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