Sunday, 26 April 2015

Coyote on the loose after police hunt in New York's Upper West Side

Wily canine evades police helicopter as experts warn feral populations set to expand across America's urban areas

12:17PM BST 24 Apr 2015

A large, feral coyote is roaming the streets of New York's Upper West Side, evading police hunts and causing fear among the affluent neighbourhood's residents.

Wily Coyote Photo: NYPD
The animal was first spotted in Manhattan on Wednesday. Taking no chances, police dispatched a helicopter to track it down, but had to give up after three hours when the wily canine took refuge in the thick foliage of Riverside Park.

"The coyote is deeply nestled in the brush," the NYPD tweeted. "Operations have concluded."

“It’s real big,” an officer told the Daily News. “It’s a pretty good-sized coyote.”

It remains at large, and was spotted again on Thursday morning. Reports on Twitter suggested the animal had wandered as far south as 60th Street.

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