Wednesday, 22 April 2015

New York presses for progressive trade ban on endangered wildlife

The state of New York is aiming to be the leading light in the protection of endangered African wildlife by introducing a state law that far exceeds federal wildlife laws. Under new proposal the trade, possession or transport of body parts of the ‘big five’ African species will be banned.

The species that will be covered by the state law, if passed will be:
African elephant,
African lion,
African leopard,
Black rhino and
White rhino

This total ban on ownership, trade and transport has to be the way forward if some of the world’s most endangered species are to be protected. The legislation is being put forward by Sen. Tony Avella D-Queens.

The current law protects trade in elephant tusks and horns but Avella and his co-sponsor Sen. George Latimer want New York state to amend the law to make it more effective in protecting African wildlife.

Legislation would ban any possession, sale, or transportation of the African animals, putting a stop to New Yorkers bringing back trophies from hunting trips and discouraging the sale of trophies in New York.

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