Friday, 24 April 2015

Three cheetah cubs to enjoy new life after rescue from illegal pet trade

Three young cheetahs have arrived at Born Free Foundation’s Wildlife Rescue Centre in Ethiopia after being nursed back to health by Guenther Wirth of NGO German Agro Action in Somaliland following their rescue as cubs from the illegal trade in the remote reaches of Somaliland.

Born Free Ethiopia’s new Country Representative, Dr Zelealem Tefera, who helped organise their hand over at the Ethiopia-Somaliland border explained ‘The illegal trade in cheetah is nothing short of alarming. East Africa is being stripped of their fragile population to line the traders’ pockets and supply the irrational demand for exotic pets in the Middle East. This is illegal, unsustainable and cruel. It has to stop’.

The cheetah cubs were snatched at a very young age from the wild and are very licky to be alibe. Up to 70 percent of these cubs are found dead during confiscations.

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