Monday, 20 April 2015

San Francisco’s proposed ban on wild animals performing gets a step nearer to becoming law

San Francisco’s board of supervisors have voted unanimously to propose new regulations that would ban all performances, including movie and TV work, by wild and exotic animals in the city. 

This would mean species like lions, tigers, bears, elephants, sea lions, ferrets, dolphins, ostriches and emus would be banned from performing. However the ruling would not apply to domesticated animals, such as dogs, cats, horses and other livestock or pets.

Supervisor Katy Tang has stated that the ban is designed to “protect wild and exotic animals from cruel and inhumane treatment and to protect the public from the danger posed by the use of wild and exotic animals for entertainment.”

If the City Council vote in favour of the ban next week San Francisco would be the largest city to adopt such a sweeping prohibition on the commercial use of wild animals for public amusement. 

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