Wednesday, 29 April 2015

South African Airways bans transport of hunting trophies

As South African Airways (SAA) pushes ahead to be one of the most sustainable airlines in the world the company has announced an immediate ban on the transport of hunting trophies on its passenger and cargo planes. The decision was made last week and formally announced yesterday.

In January this year SAA was only the second global airline to pass stage 2 of the IATA Environmental Assessment Programme in order to be independently recognised for the sustainability of it’s operations.

This new announcement goes even further and helps to recognise that most passengers that SAA carry go to Africa to enjoy the sights and sounds of living creatures and do not go there to kill it’s most wonderful species and wildlife.

Speaking to media yesterday Tim Clyde-Smith, SAA’s Country Manager, Australasia said, “Hunting of endangered species has become a major problem in Africa and elsewhere with the depletion to near extinction of wildlife that once roamed in prolific numbers. SAA has taken the step of banning all transportation of animals killed in hunting activity as a result,” 

He continued, “In consultation with key authorities, SAA will no longer support game hunters by carrying their trophies back to their country of origin. The vast majority of tourists visit Africa in particular to witness the wonderful wildlife that remains. We consider it our duty to work to ensure this is preserved for future generations and that we deter activity that puts this wonderful resource in danger,”

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