Sunday, 11 August 2013

Dolphin catches fish and gives it to teenage girl as she kayaks off UK coast

A FAMILY were left stunned when a dolphin which had been leaping in front of their kayaks caught a huge fish - and dropped it in front of them for their dinner.

The group had been enjoying the playful mammal which started swimming around their canoes off the British coast, reports.

Then something amazing happened.

The dolphin dove down and dropped a massive cod next to Lucy Watkins, 14.

It then began nudging the huge 4.5-kilo fish towards the stunned teenager.

Lucy and her grandparents wondered whether they should pick up the floating offering in case the dolphin wanted it for itself.

But the dolphin then resurfaced seconds later with his own fish - a sea bass - and began tucking in.

The family gratefully scooped up the cod before taking it home to nearby Combe Martin in Devon to cook for tea.

Lucy said: "He definitely wanted me to have his fish. He first dropped it 20ft away but then pushed it to within 5ft of my kayak."

A spokesman for Whale and Dolphin Conservation said: "This is a very interesting account.

"There are many examples worldwide of dolphins interacting with humans. We would just make our usual appeal for people to generally keep their distance."

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