Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Don't swim with this dolphin: Temperamental 'Dusty' filmed attacking a woman

Dolphins are known for their gentle and friendly personality - but 'Dusty' the celebrity dolphin is different.

The female dolphin is a well-known personality in Doolin Harbour, County Clare, Ireland, but is known for her temperamental behaviour.

In this video Dusty lives up to her reputation, as she can be seen bathing next to a wall and stone steps, with two swimmers treading water nearby.

The memorable day swimming with the bottlenose dolphin soon turns sinister as she begins to bash her tail on the surface of the water in a sign of aggravation, causing enormous splashes.

Suddenly the dolphin surges through the water and jabs a woman in the kidney area with its nose, leaving her screaming in pain and shouting for help.

The injured woman is dragged onto the steps by a bystander but Dusty soon comes back and menacingly raises her head out of the water before swimming away.

Dusty, who was first spotted in the waters as far back as 2000, has had a checkered past. At times she can seem friendly and welcoming of the attention, but she can quickly turn nasty.

The hotheaded dolphin was reported to have tried to drown a swimmer in 2004 and the latest 'attack' is the fourth since May this year.

Lifeguards in the area are now putting out red flags whenever Dusty is spotted in the area and have asked tourists not to swim with the dolphin.

Watch video:

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