Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Extremely rare triplet cows born in England to stunned farmer

A farmer was stunned after one of his cows gave birth to triplets at an incredible odds of 700,000 to 1.

Despite working on the farm his entire life, Jon Appleby, from Wirral in the northwest England, had never heard of three calves being born at the same time from the same mother.

That was until one of his 74 cows at Greenhouse Farm, “number 901,” did exactly that, giving birth to three male calves, the Daily Mail reports.

The 44-year old said he thought that she had twins, which wasn't uncommon, but when he looked again there were in fact three.

He added that she had been in a field on her own, so there was no chance that they weren't all hers.

Appleby and his wife, Joy, who jointly run the farm, have seen around 180 new arrivals since they began calving at the beginning of August.

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