Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bandhavgarh tigress visits secret spa hideaway

The Tigress Wakeeta's Naughty Secret - Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India
June 2012. Wakeeta is not enjoying the summer heat or the never ending pressures of raising a growing family. She's exhausted.

Her three cubs are now almost fifteen months old and her boys are bigger than she is. Feeding these ever demanding youngsters is driving her mad. Let's face it, she can't just nip to the supermarket for some ready meals and there is no such thing as a take away. Instead, potential takeaways keep running away, and her kids are still hopeless at hunting, completely lacking in patience and guile.

The result; it's easier to go to the jungle food counter alone.

Secret retreat
But she has a naughty secret. A secret she has not even told her kids. A place to rest and recover from the demands of motherhood. It's the Ghorademon Gorge Spa and Sanctuary high in the sandstone hills. This is her own home from home, where she can lie in a natural pool, rest and recuperate once the job of feed and watering her children is done.

It's just a bit of a slog to get to - Sound familiar ?

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